Edgework media is exploring new frontiers


Since our persistent success with history & science projects, we're now looking to explore the "big picture" of social issues like the contamination of our environment and civil rights/ gender equality stories. Building on our co-founder Richard Wells's Primetime EMMY Award for SPACE DIVE plus additional EMMY nominations for  KILLING LINCOLN and KILLING KENNEDY on behalf of the National Geographic Channel, the combination of story-telling, history and science continues to inform our approach.

Taking content from intellect to emotion


This much we can reveal: Our focus remains on new and unusual perspectives and personal accounts. Using compelling story-telling techniques and cutting-edge special effects, we add impact by taking content from intellect to emotion. Edgework media products excite and involve. Complex subjects are delivered to a broad audience with an emphasis on factual accuracy as well as fun and entertainment.

Our goal is to get to the heart of each story and also to the hearts of the viewers... to relentlessly push the “edge” - to imbue each story with imagination and creativity - to produce quality videos with extended shelf-lives for our clients - and to offer their audiences a rich and memorable experience that they will enjoy time and again.